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What's New

October 30th, 2006 at 07:52 pm

Greetings. Nothing too new or exciting as far as finances go. I had to spend some money to fix the ball joints on my van. Now my son's Focus is in because of squeaky brakes. We are getting things taken car of while we can. He is on the way to TENN to a Christian Schools Regional tournement for soccer. it is a very big deal for him as he is a senior. it is alot of fun. So it was a good time for the car to go to the shop since they are riding in a huge coach type bus. The trip is about 10-12 hours.
I think the kids will have a blast....not so sure about the parents riding along. So I am spending money (cash)on the cars right now.

I had the mower fixed and now after one day of heavy use--- it will not start.
I called the shop and the very dumb guy asked me "Well is there gas in it?" I almost went into a rant but remained calm. Of course I checked that FIRST!!! I wanted to say " Oh...I thought it ran on magic fairy dust and good thoughts" I was really very upset. I am planning on looking for a new TORO dealer to deal with in the near future.
I simply can not take the bad customer service I have had repeatedly over the past few weeks. We did so much raking and mowing...it was very hard work. I got my daughter mowing. She did a great job and was wonderful at working the mower. She really had fun doing that job. I put alot of things away in the garage for winter. Things look good and ship shape.

I have purchased a few more gifts. I need to call the catalog orders in this week. I am finding that most things I have seen before....or are a bore or poorly made. I am just not that impressed that easily I guess. I end up buying games and craft items. Things to do. I did purchase some ornamment kits to do over Thanksgiving. They were on sale and looked fun and not too complicated for the kids to make at Grandma's.

I am supposedly taking a two day counseling course at church this weekend. I have been very excited to take these classes and LEARN!! Not enough people signed up so there is a chance it will be cancelled. I will know more on Tuesday. I will save $50 if it is cancelled but I really have been looking forward to getting certified in this training. I also wanted to be with adults. I am always with my kids---so I need to be around some adults now and then. I will Christmas shop instead since my kids are with their dad either way....classes or no classes.

I may have to replace my island stove. I was bummed to know that they do not make down draft stoves to fit my "hole" in my island. They are much smaller nowadays. I am not sure what to do. I may look on eBay and see if I can find the stove I need. I have cooked on it for 16 years.
It works great I do not have the knobs anymore and I have to use pliers because the stems are broken same for the exhaust fan....it is broken and I can not turn it on ----or if I get it on....I have a very hard time making it shut off. It is looking very bad from constant use. So I will see. So far I have made due and have done OK......everything my ex has is new..new...new in his house......it seems a little unfair at times. I try to be Christian and all about the whole sorted mess but I do get bummed out at times. I have everything old and worn. Even his "live in" is newer. I am the old model--- but I feel I do have much value still. At times it is hard not to feel some hard feelings over just this simple thing of old vs. new.

Holiday Cards

October 25th, 2006 at 04:16 pm

I do not send these anymore. I am glad.
I used to love to do cards. I am just not into it anymore. It is nice to keep things simple. I love to hear other people complain about their cards.....and having to do them. Wow.....such freedom. IS there something you need to release this year? There is freedom in releasing things that do not hold joy in our lives anymore. I released Christmas cards, making tons of homemade cookies, buying everyone I know a gift and I released the fantasy of a perfect bliss filled Holiday. I also was able to release some unusual relatives, a mother in law who had to have things her way and holiday traditions I never liked from my ex's side of the family.

OK...your turn.

Christmas Lists

October 25th, 2006 at 10:00 am

What have you purchased thus far?
Here's my varied assortment----

Chocolate covered cherries
Music recorder instrument
Two board games
a huge package of colored permanent markers
bath gels
Large candles that smell like pine ( teacher gifts)
A long sleeve American Eagle tee shirt
for $7
Polly pocket knock off dolls
Ralph Lauren Ladies Socks
Bracelet my friend made for my daughter

It is interesting to write it out.
how is the shopping going? Just curious

Greetings again!

October 23rd, 2006 at 06:01 am

Hello! Gee I feel like I have been gone for some time now.....I have been super busy with children and life in general.
I was at dance convention all weekend with my three girls and it was really fun to get away. We travelled in my large van so we had room for another two dance students and a mom/friend who travels with me. Her older daughter and grandchild came along but drove seperate. Her grandbaby is a delight and I was able to hold her as she napped for about two hours. I forgot how fun a baby can be sleeping in your arms. It was delighfully relaxing for me. We were at a HUGE famliy indoor waterpark resort. It was my first time to such a place. It was very nice---it had so much to look at and do.

Of course--- we spent a small fortune. It was all the little things that seemed to add up. Thankfully we will only be travelling one more time out of town in the spring-the rest of our dance travels are "in town" so we can save a bit by not needing so much food, gas and hotel rooms. All in all my girls seemed to have fun. At first I was a bit worried becasue they just were at Disney so it seemed like a let down to be at something like this. That is a problem I am facing with my ex...I simply can not out compete him in high ticket vacations. I am very fine with that and understand that is not my "job" as the mom. Thankfully they warmed up to everything and had fun! I think the best part was watching all the girls dance and the dance teachers teach as we were able to watch the classes these girls took. It proved to be more fun I think than the water park itself!

Kudos to the hotel for having a small fridge and microwave in each room. That was a help and a nice money saver.

I am reading a wonderful book that is written by a local gal who does all things financial. I got hooked on her because she has radio program on Saturday on my local AM radio. I got her book off Amazon. It is basic investment thinking 101....plain english and from a point of view I think you might all enjoy and appreciate. I have learned alot of great basic things I thought all along ---but was never sure if I was off base. This book has encouraged me GREATLY ! To keep it real-as one of the dance teachers said yesterday......KEEP IT REAL! I often forget that the bank, the TV, the nice money magazine, the brochure, the nice lady who sells real estate wants to make a buck off you!!!!!! Not everyone is a nice person trying to "help" you . I have to be educated and savy, yet not too overly complicated or stressed about it all.
Here is the book title if this sounds like a good read to you.

"Get Rich Slow" -by Tama McAleese, CFP
Build a firm foundation...a Dollar at a time.
order the fourth Edition it is her most updated book. I bought it used for around $9.00 . Again a lovely book that is basic and helpful. I have already underlined a lot of good points. Again a good book that is filled with good insight.

We are getting close to putting heating pads back on our beds. We had some nasty hail last night and I have some snow on my porch roof.....just a light dusting.
I am on the way to get the mower and snow blower back from getting the once over at the shop. We have not mowed for two weeks. My son will have his hands full once I get the mower back. We have a ton of leaves. Hopefully we can all pitch in and do our share. Where did October go? It is simply amazing how fast some months whiz by.

How are your budgets doing as far as groceries and Christmas gifts? I have really whacked my food bill down. I am pretty poud of myself. No one seems to miss it or notice. I have been purchasing some gifts. My goal to be done by the end of November. I think I will be on track. I have decided to do some catalog shopping here and there.
I will hit my local outlet store as I have already and I got a few items already for a great price. I will just sorta plod along and keep a good record of purchases. I did that the past few years and it was a help to write things DOWN! My ex was making things way too overly complicated and so we have decided to have the kids make a little list for both mom and dad. Last year we BOTH bought sleeping bags each, for the two younger girls......that was a money waster in my mind.
So having a list for each parent works best----we both agree on that practical idea. It is still hard to think seperatly when it comes to Christmas.
I am sure it gets easier each year.

Have a good Monday everyone.


October 13th, 2006 at 03:32 am

I was surfing and came across a budegtting type of web site owned by an indivudual. I was sad to see this person buys Halloween gifts for people. On one hand this person seems generous and sweet natured---- on the other I have never heard of such a waste of money.
Am I wrong in my thinking? To be honest here...my kids and I have never really celebrated Halloween or done trick or treating.
Another side bar...my kids I would consider are normal average kids and not weirdos or strange. We just skip this Hoilday. Are we going to have to have to put up the Halloween tree soon or hang our Halloween stockings over the fireplace? I guess I am wondering about this. Then again maybe like any other Holiday some people go nuts...over spend and get into more debt. I guess people have choices as well....it is a free country the last time I checked.


October 12th, 2006 at 05:43 am

I had my friend stopover and look at my bushes. He is 100% sure they need to come out.I wish I would of called him first to give me his thoughts before I sprayed. I learned a good old fashioned lesson. Everyone is trying to sell their service to "help" you. Ugh.
He has offered to clean all the beds and trim everythng back and rip out all the bushes that are a wreck and full of scale and mites. He gave me a very good price and lets face it he knows how to do it. He will come back in the spring and we will work on freshing up things.
I told him I thought my yard looked bad. He kindly said it looked really good and I have done pretty good.
So hopefully the first part of November, after all the leaves have fallen and we have them pretty much raked up..... we will get things done for fall and ready for winter.

Yesterday we had pizza from Dominos. If I picked up the pizzas I could get a medium one topping for $3.99. So I bought three and we had dinner and four school lunches for today filled with pizza. I was pretty impressed. The manager said she was just running a special. I think that was my best deal of the week.

My middle daughter had her ingrown toe nail fixed yesterday. She ended up being a basket case getting it done....she was numb but she was so worried she basically cried the entire time. So she got to stay home all day yesterday. Today she got to wear a tennis shoe on one foot and a flip flop sandal on the other. She enjoyed looking silly. I am sure she will enjoy all the attention at school today.

My ex is sill acting all weird. I am thinking he needs to see a threrapist now. I can't tell him that but I feel a bit sorry for "her" as he can't be much of a dream boat right now. Well as long as his checking account is filled she has to be happy. I am sure she can deal with some insanity issues.

It sure got cold here....but being pre-menepausal it is fine by me. I always have a window cracked here and there to function. I figured it was cold this morning at 6am as my silly indoor black cat OREO escaped out the front door and bolted for the bushes and the street. I was out chasing a black cat in tennis shoes and a night gown in the dark. I kept yelling at the cat and I am positive my neighbor turned her lights on to see what was going on! At that point I really wondered if I was more insane than my ex!!!!

Have a good Thursday---

Deer aftermath

October 9th, 2006 at 01:56 pm

Got my son's car towed to the repair shop, insurance was called and mom rented a car from enterprise. I rented the car and the guy tried to sell me extra protection insurance for 14.00 a day. I decided to risk it and not sign up for it. I am not sure but my insurance may cover it anyway???
Does anyone know if I messed up not getting it? I am the only one driving it and I will not be driving it very far....school and the store. I hated the guy staring at me and asking me "Huh..what do you want to do...I would def. get it if it was me" I decided to just say no. So who knows how long to get the car fixed. It could be awhile since they ---I am assuming have to order all the parts.

I did squeeze in a trip to the store for weekly groceries. Everyone came home from school grumpy. Nothing I bought at the store was any good....so to speak. I think my kids are bored or something---or acting a bit ungrateful. Or they are being kids. Not really sure. I got bummed out with all the complaints. I was not in the mood to hear it.

I feel wiped out from doing so much today and over the weekend. At times I feel like I do not have much time to rest. I am in constant motion.
I had a fit of rage at my ex last night via the computer. He was driving me insane. I guess I still have alot of issues that I am not thru dealing with.
He is like an alien to me. I guess that is the hard part....seeing him and knowing he is a weirdo now and I used to be married to him. Forget co-parenting...what a silly joke! he parents so differently than me. We used to have the same views and work as a team.......now he does things to keep up with Jones's. It is sure difficult. Yes, I thought co-parenting would be a snap.....gee was I wrong.

I am trying to save....save....save....everywhere I can. I am not looking forward to Christmas. I am actually afraid of that whole season starting!!!! Strange but true!!! The older I get the more I hate the commercial racket is has become. I am working on starting a new tradition somehow in gift giving. Do not even ask....I haven't a clue what the idea is yet!!! Wish me luck.

I am so embarrased !

October 7th, 2006 at 11:53 am

My son had a birthday in September. He is NOT 16 he is now 17! I am not thinking correctly today! My how time flies. It seems like yesterday I was changing his diapers and nursing him to sleep. Now he is out hitting deers and getting ready for college. Oh my I feel old today. Still hitting a deer at 17 or 16......it creates the same damage.

Fall is here

October 7th, 2006 at 10:11 am

Yes it is fall. We took the garden out today. Overgrown and stringy and plain old tired. Took the birdhouse down and the wind mill. Off to get some pumpkins.
I pray I stay realistic. One year I went nuts and bought too much hay bales, pumpkins, corn stalks....you know fall stuff. It adds UP!!! I finally bought some silk things and I use them over and over.

My son hit a deer last night on the way home from soccer. I was just getting into bed when he called me sorta of in a panic. He is 16. First deer encounter.
The damage was not too awful but bad enough we needed a tow since the tire was messed up. I called the police and they filled out a form for the insurance. So let us see..... he has two speeding tickcets and he crashed the back end a bit. Now we have hit a deer on the front end. I am amazed at all the "fun" we have had with him driving. My ex wanted me to lie to the policeman and said that I DID it. He thought it would look better to the insurance company. Well I do not lie. I also try not to teach my kids to lie. I was pretty dissappointed in my ex. What does he care since he does not even help much with insurance payments. Yes that was frustrating a bit. Thankfully my son had his seat belt on and was not hurt at all.

I had to bite the bullet and call my dr. yesterday due to some tremendous stomach pains I had that basically paralyzed me. She never called me back. Thankfully I am much better. I still am nervous as to why I was in so much pain. This is the second time it has happened. I am wondering if it is a gall bladder problem. I am not sure but it was worse than labor pains. I have four children so I know a little about pain.

Have a good Saturday.

Good Web Site

October 4th, 2006 at 10:13 am

Frugal for Life has a good posting on ways to save money that links you to other sites. It is very encouraging to read and get motivated.

One thing I thought about was things I can do myself and not pay others to do.
One thing I hate to do is trim all the shrubs back for winter. I am going to bite the bullet and do it myself. That will save. I also have someone to plow my two driveways. I may not do that either. Just good things to think about.I am just guessing but I think you are all much more frugal in this area than me.

Oh here comes the rain......gloomy and wet is the weather today. I am off to bake brownies.

Nothing too new

October 3rd, 2006 at 04:24 pm

Still dealing with the effects of the Disney trip. My youngest seems so cranky and tired still. Everyone just is not really in step yet. I dislike having to deal with all the let down and emotional stuff. They are still trying to catch up on homework- missed things-unpacking-it just seems to take alot to get back in the business of living with mom.
Oh well.....we will get there. Oh yes all Disney laundry arrived back last night via the ex. The girlfriend did it all. Since she works for my ex she can stay home when she feels like it and travel when she feels like--- get her nails done----whenever she feels like it......so yes....no problem to do four loads of laundry.
She can watch the soaps and catch up. So I do not feel badly at all. She uses their laundry soap and water and dryer.

I went to a meeting last night and ran into a old friend-she was one of the speakers. It was like we never skipped a beat. I have not talked to her in a very very long time. We were wonderful charming friends...then I left the church we went to and I was sorta not too excited to talk to those I left in a somewhat terrible awkward situation. I then went thru my divorce and felt...well .....not real sure of who was my real friends. We really got back into our friendship very quickly last night! It was very nice to re-connect and start afresh. She told me about her new cat, her jewlery business, news about her husband. Best of all she did not hate me for not calling her for so long. She completly understod where I was coming from. She had left me some nice answering machine messages....but I was just not ready to talk and share too much. I told her last night to call me. I really hope we get out together for lunch or coffee. It really was wonderful.

Hit the grocery store and spent $90 for the week. I think I was pretty good and stuck to my list.....except for a few things that were deals. I have every day organized. I am still waiting onthe cash checking card. I may have to do a new one....as they think my application got lost or something.

I did spend at Panera's today. It was my turn to buy for my girlfriend and me. It is certainly not cheap there. Oh well....I need the fellowship!

Have a good evening everyone!

I am Back!

October 2nd, 2006 at 06:48 pm

I feel I have been gone so very long.
I guess I was so busy and yet not so busy at the same time. My three girls went to Disney with their dad and his girlfriend and some of my ex's family.
I think the girls had fun. My son stayed home with me as he is not into anything Disney. He would of been bored, unless it was Disney golf every day.

I can not even imagine the VISA bill from this trip. Lots of pricey trinkets came back. They ate dinner with Cinderella ....that is not small change to do that. They stayed at Disney in a Disney hotel. I did make the girlfriend wash all the vacation clothes and re-deliver them to me. Why not? I actually took charge and made a small demand. Hip Hip HORRAY!!

My son and I ate out two nights. I was frankly glad to do it. No sense cooking each night. We enjoyed it alot!

We have worked in the yard and I did indeed trek down to the awful basement. I have cleaned about 90%. I threw out two trash bags of junk and old stupid toys.
Boy did that feel good!

This week I need to watch the groceries a bit. So I will be getting organized with shopping list, coupons and store flyer. I have to get kitty liter and bottled water too.....
Gas here is.....$1.90!!!! I am not kidding. It is wonderful to live here where it is so boring.

I have my fall decorations up....we are getting pumpkins over the weekend.

Well I need help daughter number one with catch up school work.....Have a good week everyone!