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Small Beef

August 31st, 2006 at 05:56 pm

Went to my son's soccer game. He plays on varisty he is a senior. Every school charges to watch the game. I went to the booth and paid $5 for me and $4 each for my two daughters. Our school it is $5 per family (no matter how many kids) or $1 person. I was outraged.
I am sorry but does $13 seem steep??? I was at a private high school.....our school is private as well....but we have our soccer field near a corn field. This game was on a lighted professional field with super nice everything. Maybe we are more realistic with prices??? I just found that to be so awful. Maybe I am too cheap or way too concerned. Just a small beef I wanted to blog about. My son's team lost...4-0 it was a bummer to pay that much and not walk out the winners.

A Tune Up for Mom

August 30th, 2006 at 06:23 pm

Hello everyone! With back to school and High School soccer it seems I have been overwhelmed a bit. I am doing OK as far as money goes. I am able to shop and do things without my children in tow. It sure helps the budget it seems. I got things organized as far as places for all the gear that comes with school. I was able to clean and re-do my dining room....it is the school room during the school year. It looks nice. I used the magic eraser cleaner on he walls and they look better! It needs painted so badly....but I am waiting for some dumb reason. I hate to spend the money as no one sees it and I do not need to impress anyone. The laundry room got a make over as well.....now the uniforms are organized neatly on shelves by child. We got rid of alot of school clothing that is worn or not sized for anyone. That felt good!

I am seeing my counselor regularly and she is helping me get some goals done. I am still dealing with issues from the divorce.....my ex moved on but left me with alot of baggage. One item is getting my children to do more around the house and learning to be more independent. I told them they are going to start packing their own lunches. Boy they were not happy. I knew then I HAD to stop doing so much for them, I practically had a riot in my kitchen! Part of it is feeling guilty for the divorce-even though I stayed and he walked. I still feel badly about so many things. I also am too much of a helper and care giver. As a result I am a do-er slash door mat of sorts. So I am working on me. It does not cost much to make some changes for ourselves. I also have to start back into working out each day. My friend who I had the baby shower for--- had her baby but is still in the hospital becasue they figured out she has heart problems! I had a friend die last week from....heart problems ....she was only 54. I know I need to bike or walk.....again free things to do. Plus I think when I feel overwhelmed it is a good thing to do to boost my spirits.

AS far as budget and saving goes....I am making a nice savings deposit on Friday. I have been waiting to bank it. I did get a hospital bill for my daughters bone scan.....$2000.00! Thankfully it needs to go thru insurance.....hopefully most is covered. I have saved every single medical receipt imaganiable! I have so mnay costs not covered that are out of pocket.....it is crazy!

Tried to take some brand new school pants to the kids consignment shop.....it is a distance to go there. I realized as they looked at them they were adult sized. So the children's shop could not take them. I may try and just see if Old Navy will take them as that is where they are from.....they are from last year.....with the tags on them. We will see. I am not sure if they will laugh at me.

Food seems in budget....thankfully I feel in such control there. Dad still takes them out twice a week at least. That helps. gas is getting so much better around here....about $2.44 is the going price. I think that is still high but much better than before. It got cool here....so no a/c windows are open and the breeze is amazing!

I am so glad I am working on me a bit. It certainly has been nice to have a counselor working with me. I really like her as she is a good task master. Life is too short to walk around in pain or in a depression. I hope I have encouraged someone to get some counselling if they need it. At first I felt weak getting some help....now I feel so much better.....like a real grown up who is takng some control back and really begining to live life abundantly.

I am going to Brag

August 22nd, 2006 at 08:21 pm

OK...you are tired of hearing about my purse I made. Well at the H.S.soccer game today I had my purse when the coach's wife said she loved it. I was so excited. I really felt so good becasue she can afford pretty much anything. I told her I would make her one. She seemed excited I would do that for her. My daughter kinda laughed because she thought it was so silly looking. Score one for mom and her cool handmade WalMart purse !

On a sad note a lady I knew from my old church passed away yesterday. She was a mom to ten children and only in her mid fifties. She was going for an evening walk with her husband when she dropped and passed away right then and there. I was so shocked to hear that news. We are never promised another day. She left a neat legacy. She was a role model at our church to invest time in what else.....your family...as she demonstrated having ten great kids and a husband who absolutly adored her.

Life is so short and precious. I sure hugged my kids more today and I did not take for granted the blue sky and sunshine today. I enjoyed my freedom to drive my van and do to housework and enjoy my son playing soccer. Enjoy your life.....things and stuff do not matter. Of course you all know that here.....but we all need reminded, because how often we simply forget. May the Lord bless and comfort this family as they walk thru this valley.

WalMart Freebies and babysitting

August 21st, 2006 at 06:29 pm

WalMart freebies have been arriving...wow they sure come fast. I was pretty impressed. I looked at TARGET online to see if they do freebies....guess not.

I am think of maybe offering to watch small children while mothers run errands during the week to make some money. My neighbor did this many years ago ---but it went crazy and she ended up doing way too much and having a full blown in home HUGE daycare. She even had a baby die in her home from SIDS.....talk about awful! I am thinking of focusing on a few moms at church and going from there. Anyone else tried this before? Selected babysitting?
I was thinking of making some small business cards as a way to look serious and somewhat professional. The idea of going out of my home to work actually frightens me in a way.....again perhaps I have been home so long with housework and children I am brain washed. Hmm....just thinking out loud amongst friends.

New Purse

August 21st, 2006 at 05:25 pm

Hey my new purse turned out really cute! I sewed it and created a nice practical item that is useful! I did break my sewing machine needle to to sew on the crystal flowering sparkle ribbon. Oh well....I tried. I thought this idea could be used for teacher gifts! It was actually fun to do something creative for a change.

I am getting called already to help out at school as a volunteer. I have committed already some time to school. I have got to be CAREFUL! I do not want to get so busy that I get too nuts. I think they like calling me cause they know I am not working a paid job outside the home. I must be careful with my time. As a single mom I cannot extend myself so far that I am a crumbled up rag. I am going to see my counselor once a week for awhile. That is a good thing for me.

Please always check your medical bills I just got a jaw dropper in the mail. About $900.00 for a pap smear and a blood test I had in February. My insurance will not cover it! It was coded as not a routine item. I asked them to send it back to have the coders look it over. The customer service rep said it looked routine as the dr. wrote it....but it may have been coded wrong. I still had a mammogram that was $300.00. I had to pay $85.00. Yes my insurance is not great. I had it so good when I was married as far as medical coverage goes.....I am thankful for what I have but I am very spoiled I guess from before. Hopefully they can re-code and re-bill because gosh that is so insane to me.

Went to the dance store to get my two girls ready for dance season. Thank the Lord they are having a once a yr sale! I did save some money but it was a big bill. I have to purchse alot of the items there because the quality is better and the shoes take a beating better. The store was dead so we had the store to ourselves. I will not publish the amount I spent. I was glad that I made my purse instead of buying one. Between the two of them they are taking.....6 classes plus my first daughter has dance team class. That is 7 classes to cover and pay for.
I dropped soccer for the other dancing daughter. She did well at it but come on....that is insane to do so much. They love dance....!!! I will not miss standing in the cold in the rain watching first graders run back and forth trying to make goals. Dance has been wonderfully fun and they never tire of it. I need something for the middle daughter. She has dropped all activities since the divorce. I have her doing some voice lessons that I bartered for and she seems to like that very much.

Since I do not do eBay I am going to take some things to the ebay "store" to have them sell some things. I have about 5 brand new Birkenstock sandals. I LOVE them. I purchased them while married and money was plentiful. I know I overspent so I need to unload them quickly. I love them and that is all I wear. I wear them all seasons and in winter I only wear them inside the house. I will admit that I have shoveled snow in them...yes...I am strange!!!!!

I hope this is a good way to go.....
I know they are wasting away just sitting in my closet.....so I may as well sell them. I bought them off QVC. When my kids were babies I would watch QVC for a past time. I got kinda of entranced with it---I am way past that addiction! I feel sorry for some of these folks who collect everything these shows offer. I just watched a doll show for about 20 mins. while I was cleaning. One lady called in saying proudly she owned over 200 dolls. I got depressed FOR her. What can one person possibly do with 200 dolls ???? Again.....I hope she did not spend her retirement funds for dolls. This is a pitfall for many lonely older folks. The hosts on the shopping shows become friends. They prey on people telling them they need to have the best and that they are worth it....because we deserve it.....
They tend to push their special credit cards as well. Not a good thing.

Buyer beware as far as TV shopping goes.....it is really a snare to your purse....homemade or store bought.

Writing more checks

August 20th, 2006 at 02:50 pm

I just hit WalMart. I usually load up twice a month and put the amount on the Wally charge Card. I pay it off each month. I am slowly learning to just pay by check. So $117.00 went in my check book register. I think it is the beter way to go.....instead of carrying cash.....I will write checks for large purchases.

I had a great thought--I have been wanting a new purse...mine is so worn. I looked at all the handbags at WalMart and they were so awful and dowdy....or they had Winnie the pooh on them??? They were terrible and so badly made. I do not get that design at all! Tinker Bell purses and Winnie the Pooh???? I am over forty years old! I decided to make it! I bought all the supplies at WalMart in the fabric crafting area....and it came out to about $5.00 for ALL the supplies.

I bought a cute med sized washed denim tote bag...some pink and green grossgrain ribbons and some lace and beads to embelish. So I guess necessity is the mother of invention. I will probably sew it but you could easily glue it with the hot glue gun.

My neighbor stopped over to give me some watermelon.....that was a nice freebie. We have a ton of cucumbers in the garden. That is Ok with me as I love them and never tire of them!

Children are at the ex's...so no cooking tonight.

Do you live in a Box?

August 19th, 2006 at 06:18 pm

In my area is a wonderful radio show dealing with money and investment questions each Saturday morning. I am absolutly addicted to this show. The women who hosts is a straight shooter.
She does not beat around the money bush and basically talks real. I find myself applauding half the time or saying "you go girl" ...my kids thought I was acting strange today.

Today she talked alot about real estate. She said stop buying real estate and get very comfortable in your little box. For a moment I got kinda insulted! She called my nice lovely abode a BOX! My box is pretty decent I would say, I have nice curtains and pretty pictures on the walls and hey some new lamps too! Then I thought about her choice of words the rest of the day...A box...A Box......I do live in a box....!

My home is a shelter from the elements.
What matters is the people, the precious people inside my box. Why do we get so hung up about all the silliness of home ownership such as whose house is larger or more up to date or has more square footage....or the nicer countertops. All silliness when you get right down to it.

My neighbor re-does her house very often. Like complete re-decorating jobs.
Her home should be on the cover of Southern Living it is THAT nice. Is it worth it? Is it worth all the money and expense to decorate your box over and over again? Living in a box-it had me thinking.

Then the call from the woman up to her eyeballs in debt. After a lengthy and patient answer the host said to this lady...please stay home all weekend...do not go near a store or a mall and do not eat out....be happy at home in you box. Again....such simple advice. To be content at home. Can people do that anymore in this day in age??? Can people find things to do and stay content at home? For some of us perhaps it is a challenge. I have enough books here to read to last about five years. I have two unfinished stitch projects and lots of photos to deal with some how. I have gobs of sewing as well. I have about three Bible studies I need to get back into as well. So I have many reasons to stay home and be very content in my box. My kids enjoy all things round the house-today my dining room became a dance studio! The family room....a fun store!

When we are trying to get out of debt or stay on course we have to learn to really deal with the issues I call heart issues. Contentment, boredom with ourselves, relationship issues, simplicty, happiness vs. joy......it is important to count the pennies, but often times it is the heart issues that steer our life course and future.

Learn to like your box be it big or small, richer or poorer, in season or out of seson ---learn to appreciate all the people in your box.
Stay steady and walk slowly-enjoying all the many blessings right before your eyes. Stay content in all things.

Black Poster Board

August 18th, 2006 at 06:24 pm

Very Silly bargain I got. Grocery Store near me has a clearance table. I bought some black poster board for 25 cents a sheet/board that was on their clearance table. I now have nice and neat window sunblockers to place on my windows behind mini blinds to keep out bright hot afternoon sun. I was tickled "pink".

Have been eating out of the pantry for some dinners. I enjoy it and like it...but my kids seem to not like all the weird combos and some of boring elements to it. I promised my middle daughter meatloaf and the fixings on Saturday. She was begging me so she can have a leftover meatloaf sandwich. I am looking forward to school starting where I will have tons more control over spending. I will have more time to bargain hunt and do better regular shopping. I feel too pulled in so many directions over the summer. That is the only good reason I can find for starting back to school! Better control over the spending.....

My mom gave me my Christmas gifts early. Two matching lamps from the Chris Madden line at JCPenny she found at Gabriel Brothers Outlet marked down for a huge savings over retail. They are in the living room and they look really nice and up dated. The shades are a sage color with braiding around them and the bases look like huge solid chess pieces. They are very striking and they look great. Thanks mom!

We went to the library today.....we loaded up on music CD's and computer games and books....many on kitties.
We also explored an older town not too far away and found a neat antique store and a wonderfully old fashioned Ben Franklin store.... we purchased some candy and a sales check tablet for my two little ones to play store and waitress with. It was fun to be in an old fashioned place.

Tomorrow is bank day ----time to save and tithe.

First reaction

August 17th, 2006 at 07:20 pm

Today I got an unexpected check in the mail from some business proceeds. This was part of the divorce agreement. I basically never know when it will come if ever-- and if it does--- I never know how much. I was very proud of myself. My first reaction was....."YES....I can put it right in my money market account" Maybe years ago before the divorce I might of thought...YES....lets go on a trip or lets remodel.....yes in years past that was my spoiled wayward thinking.

I am proud of myself---now I say....save for a rainy awful day.....put it away ---RIGHT away and watch it grow......
I also thought....I can't wait to march in that bank with this check and place it in my account. It is so refreshing to be free---free indeed. To make my own choices regarding the money. This is something I HAVE NEVER DONE PRE-DIVORCE. I can actually tell the money what to do as Dave Ramsey says. I am free to make choices...GOOD choices To make choices that are hopefully not too sloppy or regretful....but good choices with my money. My ex would bet the house on "sure things" and many "you can't go wrongs".....we ended up losing our shirts 97.99% of the time. I can spend it if I wish but I can wait and ponder it and decide with some thought involved. If there is one GOOD thing that has occured out of the tragedy of my divorce it was that I regained some sense of ownership with choices.....good ones some days and other days maybe not so good.

I will walk in that bank tomorrow not all smug but humbled and in thankfullness..... knowing that I have come so far in a new direction. That many choices abound and the choices are mine. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunities I have to make choices. Choices with my children, my money, my faith and my own life.

The woes of the in van DVD player

August 15th, 2006 at 06:05 pm

My conversion van is so cool. It has a built in DVD player with a pretty good sized screen. I bought the van for this selling point. When I purchased it my husband of 18 years was not living with us......he was living apart from us " trying to find himself a bit" or find a new someone which he had already done...thank you very much. Well I bought the van with him one Sunday after I took the kids to church. I even asked him to test drive it with me.....I now see in hindsight( of course then it is so clear) he could of cared less -- we could of been driving a pineapple or a Little Tykes cozy coupe....as he had already checked out of my life. Well I loved this van and thought of the all the wonderful and happy family trips, away soccer tourneys, dance competitions and out and out adventure we could have in this family room on wheels! The six of us..mom, dad and children.....tooling around in our nice family van. OH well....I still like it....with mom and four children----

Now the DVD is not playing anything...it is bright orange or plays things with no sound or with two hundred lines on the screen or spits things out at us......I am not sure-but it does not work! No extended anything & the van conversion company is now out of business. So the local FORD guys say they can re-do the DVD deal for about $450.00 OUCH!!!!!!!
That was not in any budget nor divorce settlement. So I am at a quandry......fix it and use it and suck it up......or forgo it......or buy something at Best Buys that is the portable type???? Not too sure what to do. I really have to mull it over. I was just trying to budget a splurge on a bottle of fragrance at Bath and Body Works......$16.00----it made me feel awful hearing the guy at the FORD dealership just rattle off the numbers like it was no big deal to spend it and throw it on a VISA.

Now I do travel alot in the spring....and I will be looking at some colleges out of state.....so it is not like I do not do some travel time. Plus when I drive the kids to school it is 30 min there and thirty mins back---
I really want to make the best choice......what a quandry----

I have not posted in a few days. I ended up getting pretty ill from a migraine. I used to have them lots more and yes they would slay me pretty hard. I have learned to manage them better. It seems if I am overly tired or over worked as a mom I tend to get one. So being nauseated was something new I had not been thru for some time. If you suffer with them or know someone who has them they are no picnic! I have some remedies that tend to help me personally. I am thankful that when I do have one I ususally can manage the pain well. Thankfully my kids are older so they can manage for a bit without me.

Son had soccer and went to the new Talledega Nights Movie. It looks really funny! My friend told me Step it UP??? the dance movie is very good and it is clean without much stuff girls who are young teens should not see. My daughter is dying for me to take her to that one. First born daughter is at a sleepover being held at her dance studio with her teachers.....about 15 giggly girls for her to endure all night! I feel kinda bad for the dance teacher who is as sweet as can be.....hopefully she does not get a migraine! Little girls are off to bed after an evening of pool time.....and I am going to put my feet up! No I am going to watch any DVD'S!!!!

Carrying the coupons around

August 12th, 2006 at 05:43 pm

I have noticed that if I carry a bigger purse I have room to spare and I can easily carry my coupon file with me. Several times I have left it at home or in the van or the kitchen counter. It is working out so much better to carry my coupons right by the ol'wallet. I really use them more and I tend to make some smarter choices.

My crazy neighbor who I helped move...well she still is getting the Sunday paper delivered to her driveway each Sunday. I am almost 100% sure her ex paid the bill but he has not lived there for two yrs. Every Sunday on the way to church I stop the van and get out and take the paper. Later in the day I read it and then cut out the coupons. I find that this is OK because if he cared he would of cancelled it. He must not give a hoot. I do not get a paper----I am pretty sure this is OK. My crazy neighbor told me she could care less....
so I feel it is perfectly OK to take that paper. She has been out of her house about 6 weeks and she still has not stopped the mail and given the post office notice. So that tells you the type of people we are dealing with. That is part of the reason they are in bankruptcy court.....because they were out of control with their spending habits and decided to ignore things rather than deal with them head on.
So I feel the paper is a sunk cost and it would just sit there all week and rot in the sun and heat.

Back to basics

August 12th, 2006 at 12:29 pm

I feel like things are not in great control around here. I feel like everytime I blink I am spending money. Is it back to school woes or just paying so many bills in one day! Was it listening to my favorite talk radio Saturday morning financial programs that got my dander up???? Not sure but I need to ponder a bit it. My gas bill was up alot from last I guess not as much as last year...but still ---it seemed way too high.
I was out and about with my oldest daugher picking out a Birthday gift for her to give her friend.....when I saw a nice fall purse I loved for only $9.99...as we shopped around I KNEW I HAD TO PUT THAT PURSE BACK!!! I was proud of myself I could resist some temptation....not all others, but I did make a choice and put the purse down.

Today I went to my son's soccer game. Of course my ex was there with some of his family. I had a choice go over and say hi....they and I have not spoken in three years. I made a choice....no sit with my friends and do not bother saying anything to them. I felt a little uncomfortable but I am able to make a choice. Choices abound all over.....I often second guess my self over choices...I feel quilty or confident....at times I feel nervous over choices...many times I feel so good about a choice I am almost giddy with glee. Choices abound with money and our budgets......one day we feel confident and at times we feel we have lost the way. Balance is the key in everything.

Back to a Regular Mom Life

August 7th, 2006 at 07:46 am

Well my kids made it back in town last night from FL. It was amazing to me how relaxed I felt all weekend-I did not really do all that much that was different or interesting. Watched a movie, read and mowed the grass.

Everyone is getting back into the groove a bit. Each time they are with their dad I have to allow space for them all to get back to reality. On the dockett today is grocery shopping. I let everything dwindle down while they were gone. So it is back to re-stocking. I have to hit Walgreens as they have some great deals and with my coupons....even better deals.

Yesterday I did mow. Of course I did it at lunchtime when it was still nice and hot outside. I only mowed areas that were long. Since we have had little rain...some areas look the same and others do not....so I just did the aras that needed the grass mowed. All my neighbors run the sprinklers non stop it seems, I am just too thrifty.....I like rain. If I do water I am particular as to where I run the water.

Summer vacation is fading-the thought of school makes me get stressed. I am not sure why? Part of it is knowing I am sending back to school my son who is going to be a HS senior. I am so emotional! It is like sending him to kindergarten all over again...I have those same feelings. My oldest daughter starts High School and my little one is now in school, full time as a first grader! My middle daughter will be in 5th grade having the same teacher my two others had....I am not worried about her at all. I guess all the changes never stop....nothing stays the same. That is good but yet I like things to not change. Going thru a divorce it was so MANY CHANGES that I did not want but I HAD to deal with......life at times can seem very much not in my control. I have found that with money and finances...some things I can not change or control....but some things I CAN control and must be responsible for.

When I read about widows who have about nothing saved or older retirees who are broke....I worry for THEM! Or my dear friend the hoarder...banking on SS to live on for her golden years....I get so sad. What financial magazine is she reading? I am sure some of these people took care of their children and used it to run their households and sent kids to colleges---or like my ex MIL, planned accordingly for her mentally handicapped daugher's future.....but some were very irresponsible. Some were in Las Vegas or buying the grankids too much junk or buying the latest and the greatest or getting stuck in a RV or time share rip off. When I hear about a newly retired couple having $25,000 saved up in the bank....I can only wonder and scratch my head a bit. When I see young families buying huge houses with 4 1/2 bathrooms and brand new everything....and driving not two cars but three....because well we need a SUV and a cute two seater fun car (yes I DO know someone like that) I get kinda sad for them. How much new furniture, in ground pools, patio furniture, DVD's can one own. We have choices in many areas of our lives. Change can be embraced or frowned on and cursed. We can save now or pay for it later with loads of interest. Choices and change go hand in hand. We always must have our eyes looking to the future....be it children growing up and going to school or our day to day purchases and savings.....we have to look down the road a bit and see that the journey is part of life and how we handle that journey is just as important as walking on it.

Wash Day mania!!!!

August 5th, 2006 at 02:46 pm

I washed ALL bedding today....that is about 8 loads of stuff I hung on the clothesline. I had to rotate it all but I did not use my dryer once. Hiphip hooray! Nothing else to report.....just enjoying being a little lazy in between loads. I am off to Walgreens. I bought some face cleanser and I am pretty sure I DID NOT GET the sale price. The store is close enough I can stop byand make it worth the gas. I have to really try to train myself to pay more attention to the prices rung up. This is my second time recently. I guess retailers hope you are too busy yaking into the cell phone to pay attention to errors.

My daughter called from FL. It is super hot there but they are doing OK. I guess they ate dinner at the RITZ last night and they went buffet. Each adult buffet dinner was...get this....$50! I think that is outrageous. Is any dinner out worth that?
I must be way too thrifty.....$50 sounds like a huge amount.... how much food can one person eat??? WOW I guess I had some sticker shock! I am way too practical...
and thrifty is just fine in my book any day!

Have a good evening everyone----

Angel Food Ministries

August 4th, 2006 at 08:37 am

I just found out about this ministry. It sounds so wonderful. Please check out the web site to see if you have a location near you. My location is very close by. I am thinking of trying it one time. Anyone can participate. Be sure you visit the web site.....that is where to start. This can really help your food budget. It is a great idea in my opinion.

How is the weather? Not as hot here...I am planning on washing all the bedding and hanging it out to dry this weekend.
I also have been using my wrought iron patio table to dry things on...it works like a huge drying table! The other day it was loaded with socks from my son....they dried in about 1 hour. The table has small holes all over it so the air circulates all around it. Necissity (I can not spell) is the mother of invention! Why not use things in all sorts of ways???

I am off to the bank...yeah! To put money in the savings account and also bank money for my middle daughters account. She saved a large amount from her birthday money to put it in the bank---- I think in the money department I am trying to train them up in the way they should go.

Have a good Friday everyone---

Peaceful House

August 3rd, 2006 at 07:18 pm

All children did go to FL with dad and girlfriend. I have talked to them twice and they are surviving. My ex has had to deal with some glitches my daughter told me.....the fun of travel!

I had computer problems. I needed a repair man to stop by. I had to wait all day for him to show up. I felt terrible I kept falling asleep on the couch! Thankfully my doorbell is pretty loud. Everything is fixed and hopeflly fixed for a long time. I did not get to the bank--so that is on my list to do on Friday. I am going to the Half Price Book store as well. I hope to get a few dollars for some books.

I did hit GOODWILL on Weds. I got a box of beautiful notecards about 20 for 50 cents. They have a drawing of a local church. I also got a nice scripture framed print for $4 which is in my dining room nnd a nice Christian book I think for 50 cents.

I hit the dollar store for clothespins and a clothespin bag for the clotheline.
The heat is still going strong but it is not as bad. We did get a few rain bursts. My flowers, grass and bushes seem to be doing fine.

I heard from the store demo company. I forgot to sign one paper! I signed it and sent it back......I am not sure what it all means. I hopefully will hear if I will get some demo jobs.

I got a report on local real estate from an agent. It shows that most houses sold in my neighborhood have sold for much less than the price listed. Also it seems it takes about 3-4 months to sell the houses. That as been my gut feeling....we have three sheirff sale houses nearby as well. I think I will stay put right here.....I have thought of moving but it seems not worth it to me. I will just stay here....at least till all the kids are grown and gone.

I am enjoying the peace around here....but I do miss the children......it will not be long...they will be back home with me.

Savings Account

August 1st, 2006 at 07:44 pm

I am going to the bank on Weds to deposit my checks. I reached another personal goal for the month of July.
I did get bonus money today from the local school board. A check for about $500.00! Every yr. I get money from the school. Instead of them busing my childrn to the private school they pay me to do it. Simply said there are only four children from my town who attend so to send a district bus is not worth it....so they re-inburse me for doing it. Those kids are mine!!! It is so nice----- like found money!!! Every yr around this time I get my money. It sure is nice. What a blessing. I am glad they are willing to send me the money....not all districts will do that.

A rough week!--so far....

August 1st, 2006 at 07:27 pm

This has been a tough week. Too darn hot!
It has been miserable here. I feel trapped in my house. I miss my porch! My ex has been also making my life miserable for a time. I got a email today from him--It was a nice long email complaining about everything I do....did do....haven't done.....should of done.....and rants about why the kids are not acting perfect and why they are not happy with him in general. i guess it is all my fault! Before he left me and the kids and our marraige -I begged him to talk and discuss and see a therapist...to no avail....now he wants to talk????? UGH! I decided to simply delete the whole email and ignore him. I just decided I am tired of it and need a break. Then my son announces he is not going to FL with his dad and the other siblings. Then he decides today to maybe go! I feel like a worn out punching bag right now. I can tell....we ate out for lunch today....two days in a row!! I never ever do that----I am one thrify mom! I think I am just feeling out of control. Please pray that all my children leave for FL on Weds and I can get a break and re-group a bit. I just feel torn and really not at peace with myself. Hopefully they will all be packed and ready to go. I have never been so stressed out. As we co-parent-- basically my ex gets the kids whenever it is fine for him and his honey. I never ever have a say or choice in the matter. I look back on this and maybe I made a mistake. On the other hand I was tryng to put my kids first and accomadate their needs first. I am not sure which is best-I do know I really need to care for myself a bit here and that if I do not I will not be much use to anyone.

Small tip off the subject-- Go to the WalMart web site and sign up for free samples. Easy to do and I am sure it changes regularly.