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September 22nd, 2006 at 06:09 pm

A ton of my bushes have some major bugs and fungi. My yard looks really bad!!!!! I will have to get them sprayed as soon as it is dry weather wise. So many have them for some reason.
My lawn guy said if I don't spray I will have to replace a bunch of them. I sure hope I am not too late. $180.00 to spray everything. I have so many bushes.....that I knew there was something going on....they looked terrible. So I am bummed.

Still fighting the blood work I had done in Feb. The hospital wants to charge me about $900.00 for that blood work. Insurance is not covering it. I called again.....oh their computers are down. How is that possible????? CRAZY!!!!
I had to fight the mammogram charge....again.....why is that a problem? Insurance and medical bills make no sense. My insurance seemed good when I signed up for it. Now I am not so sure. Hopefully I can make some head way on Monday.

Thank goodness my kids have the rolls royce insurance that their dad pays for.
I never have trouble with their things.

Savings and Spendings

September 21st, 2006 at 04:34 pm

I was kinda mad again.....I thought the bank had switched me to a newer momey market account about 6 weeks ago. I asked the bank manager about it as I have not received a statement....I was supposed to get it MONTHLY in the mail( yes I am old fashioned). Guess what they never switched it for some reason.
I wanted to get all mad and demand they pay the interest rate difference. Again....I decided not to male a big stink. I guess becasue I had dealt with someone over the phone. Dumb move. I learned a lesson. I have learned to deal with the bank with front doors and bricks. The bank manager has been very helpful to do some other things for me...so I decided to let it go and call it a day. I am now saving in a money market account earning more than I was before. Every bit helps. I have not done the on-line banking......just not too sure about that.

More things to buy--
(1) pointe shoes for daughter
(2) NIV study Bible for daughter
(3) dance leotard for daughter-her new one got ripped on the dance floor.
(4) dance pants for younger daughter
Hopefully the dance store is still having their sale!!!

will be hitting WAL MART on Friday for all the house staples.

Music store follow up

September 21st, 2006 at 10:30 am

I did call and I think the conversation went OK. I think we live in a world where many people promise to make payments be it for flutes or cars or a house or things at TARGET and then they go back on their word. In other words they are in debt up to their eyeballs. I think this guy has been burned alot with people not paying for instruments. Yet I feel like why should I have to take horrible treatment. The two do not go hand in hand. We had a meeting of the minds. I learned a good lesson. That I do have a right to my own personal business and I can choose who I share it with it. I think I educated him a bit and myself in the process. I think I was able to think like a lawyer in a sense------- since I have dealt with so much of that...I was able to state the facts clearly to him and present a good case. Probably a few years ago I would of either not have called or called and started to cry and got wimpy. So I can see I have grown up. Divorce will do that. Now if I can only find a way to make blowing into the flute easier for my daughter and to find the volume control on that flute--- I would really be happy.

Cut Back on Pre-approvals

September 19th, 2006 at 07:19 am

optoutprescreen.com is a web site to cut back on offers you get in the mail for credit card pre-approvals and insurance stuff. If intersted check out this web site. I heard about it on the Clark Howard Show. If you are like me I am pretty tired of shredding those things. Hopefully I can cut back on them in the future. I just have no desire to get them or entertain the thoughts of more available credit!

Do you listen to Clark Howard? I do now and then. I used to listen to Dave Ramsey and for some unknown reason he was dropped from my area. I sure miss listening to that show on my way to get the kids from school. I can get him on the internet--- but I liked it in the van.

Yesterday the music company called me to set up flute rental. My fifth grader hopes to start up this new thing to all of us called beginner band!!! It is really exciting for her and for me! She played piano and was good but got bored after two years. So the flute lady called. When they asked me about my finances I was really upset and kinda perplexed. The gal kept asking about my ex's business and his company and his position. I asked if it was for credit checking purposes.....she said no she needed to know about who is going to pay. First I said I AM paying not the DAD and I WAS THE responsible party.
I then could not get her to understand that $40 a month was OK and I would pay it by check each month via their handy dandy coupon book. She asked where I worked ...I told her I was a homemaker. Then she grilled me about income. I finally felt after 5 mins. I had to get personal. I told her I am divorced and I have income from my divorce to pay for the flute each month. She did not believe me. I had to explain I was getting child support and spousal support. She thought I was faking her out. I finally told her the amount. I was mad at myself I told her that info that is personal! I felt somewhat violated. I felt that sharing all this personal stuff was not needed. I mean we are talking a rental flute here not a new Lexus or a house. I should of said If I do not pay---come get the flute at school! It is yours! I am not sure---- but I have to figure out a better way to handle this type of situation in the future. Maybe I handled wrong or maybe she did.....which ever the case ......I got off the phone in a bad mood. I have paid every bill every month on time and even paid early sometimes my entire life. I am divorced-not a second class citizen. I am able to manage my money and do pretty well at it most of the time. That being a homemaker does not mean you are stupid or lazy. It means I made a choice 17 years ago that's all. I am divorced...I am responsible. Just like you chose to work and rent flutes.....I chose to work in the home. I am able....thankfully to pay each bill. I pay my bills faithfully
I know it is just a flute but to me I felt almost attacked personally.
It gives me that much resolve to make it in this world- on my own-- and prove to anyone on the other end of the phone that I am doing just fine thank you very much! My daugther gets her flute at school today.....my prayer is she loves learning how to play it and enjoys the process. Along the way I hope she creates some beautiful music. May she feel free to express herself and may she never feel ashamed in her life choices.

Staying on course

September 13th, 2006 at 05:55 pm

I feel like a seive right now. So much money seems to running right thru my checkbook. How to block up the stream of leaking cash? Good Question!
Is it the little things that add up going to do the trick or one or two big chucks of one thing or another? Am I making myself clear?

Do I forget cell phones and cable
or turnoff lights and air dry clothes and shop only at Aldi's?

It is hard for me to figure that one out. Maybe it is a compromise of both methods. Does that statement even make sense??? Oh Brother....I feel like a finance flunkie right now.

All I know is if you spend a dollar you do not have that dollar to save.....right? I wish things could be that simple.......but at times they do seem complicated.

All we can do is try our very best and make the most of what we have. Knowing that our future is neither promised nor without bumps, tribulations and many trials.

If possible pray for a lovely young lady named Michelle who is entering her sophmore yr of college. She found out yesterday she has thyroid cancer....she had a five hour surgery today.

No one's future is promised, all we can do is our best each day. Today is a gift-that is why it is called the PRESENT. All we can do is our best when it comes to our finances. Living each day one day at a time and trying to be thankful for each moment. It sounds corny but we need to do it more often.

Small Gripe

September 12th, 2006 at 05:38 pm

My son had his Birthday. I brought a cake to the game. It was HUGE! I was able to serve our team.....their team & and some volleyball gals. It was fun even in the drizzle!

My ex was to show up at the game and bring my four children a sub and some go alongs from SUBWAY down the street. It is his night to do dinner with the kids. He showed up and ignored me ( nothing new here) and the kids. He spent the time talking to another parent so he would look good. It was getting late and I asked the girls about running over to see dad to check on those subs. He told them....the SUBWAY was closed so no dinner. A footnote. Our school is in the country......way out in cornfield land. The SUBWAY out there will close if the help does not show or the boss has other plans...I know.....weird! BUT there is a Dairy Queen complete with hamburgers and fries and chilli dogs and chicken sandwiches and onion rings right across the street. He leaves the game and says sorry girls no dinner to them. He heads off to the major league baseball game downtown with son for his birthday. I think he spent 4 -5 minuetes with them. He did have a really nice chat with a few of the dads standing around......while he typed on his blackberry looking very .....well off and important......it is so very nice to keep up appearances.

Now the time is approaching 7pm and they are starved. I planned on not serving them dinner....so I am thinking..."where are the subs" ?? Now I ask you....shouldn't he had offered me some cash to stop by and pick up some dinner for the girls? He made no mention of offering to help pay for the cake, helping to serve it or clean it up.....

I really got mad when I left that game. I thought he sure is into something.....he is into himself and HIMSELF ONLY!! Who am I kidding here! Gosh.....it just burned me up....
Sorry I guess that was a bigger gripe.

I know this as well.............
He who angers you----CONTROLS YOU!
I am letting it go as I type and I am looking forward to a better day on Weds!

Remembering September 11th

September 10th, 2006 at 05:24 pm

I know this has nothing to do really with my Blog but I wanted to take an entry and dedicate it to this day we remember with so many, many emotions.

I have about ten flags flying in my front yard. It is a very small token to show my resolve to never forget such a terrible day in our US History. I have been to ground zero and walked the entire perimeter. I was never so moved and humbled than I was that day walking with others...strangers .....yet we were all touched and humbled. I stood and gazed at the largeness of it all...the space and the event. Truly it was an amazing day for me.

I really pray Monday is day for reflection and for thinking of those who lost loved ones. Be it at NYC, in Pa or at the Pentagon.....so much to ponder and reflect on. Also a day to think of those serving overseas and their families. To also say a prayer for those families who have lost loved ones overseas.

A day of rememberance....and inner reflection. A time for thinking beyond ourselves perhaps. Seeing our own blessings in our lives each and every day. Trying our best every day to make our own little place in the world that much better.

We shall not forget> I SHALL NEVER FORGET

New Job possibility

September 10th, 2006 at 04:31 pm

I had told my "mom" friend that I might want to start a small babysitting service to watch a baby/toddler here and there to earn some cash. Well her daughter needs some help because she may start subbing at a local school. I am trying to figure the going rate for watchinig a 15 month old. I know her mom is struggling a bit that is why she is subbing. I don't wan't to be a doormat so to speak....any clue what in home simple sitting costs nowadays? I am not even sure I have it but her daughter said she would not allow anyone else to babysit besides me....I was pretty flatered! That would be such a help to get some money and yet be home. Plus it is on as needed basis.....so I am NOT doing it five days a week. So we will see.

I also found a tutor for my little one. I did find one but it was so far and not easy to transport and do all the after school things...it was going to be insane....but I found a gal literally across from my neighborhood. I am so excited! With the price of gas and gee whiz......my time....I feel like God answered a few prayers for me!

It is totally fall here so the weather is cool.....so no heat or a/c! I have lined dried for days on end! Fantastic!
I have been doing good on food budget...I just hit the dollar store for some lunchie items.....that was so awesome.

I did spend about $100 at TARGET! My oldest daughter needed under things and boy is that nuts!!! My other daughter got some PJ's so I had to spend a bit today. I also have to buy a large sheet cake for my son's birthday...so an expense there.

I am going to visit my parents this upcoming weekend. I am so glad--- my mom has been in the hospital for about 5 days bleeding. She had all the tests and now is home resting. I hope to make some meals to take with me-I have a crazy week so we will see if I have time.
I have three lunch dates this week as well....I never eat out so I feel like it is no big deal. Lunch is usually reasonable around here....so I am not too worried. I am looking forward to adult conversation....something I lack on a consistent basis.

Church was wonderful today. I went to Sunday School and we had our wonderful teacher again. He runs the City Mission and boy can he teach! In two classes I have so learned so much. I feel blessed to be able to be there. I am not too involved with things at church it seems I am too busy with my kids.....someday I will. Again...more ways to get adult converstion.


September 5th, 2006 at 08:11 am

Question......has anyone thought of Christmas yet? I was wondering. It seems like a far off item-but it is not if you are budget wise and thinking out things a bit in the area of spending and being thrifty. Do you pay cash for gifts? Do you make gifts? I am the type that could live with very little as far as Hoilday hoopla goes. Since my divorce it has been a more simpler time of year. My ex usually has the kids for most of it since that is what they have done for years....so I do not have to make big family dinners or do much as far as big entertaining. I had to purchase un-ending amounts of gifts for my ex's side of the family...and again thankfully that is now not an issue.

I may begin to start shopping now.....and getting a few things here and there.....
I also do not want to fall into the overspending trap.

So I was just wondering how everyone approaches Christmas as far as spending and shopping and gifting others.

A New adventure

September 2nd, 2006 at 06:02 pm

On the friendly/nudge advice of a fellow blogger I DID paint my dining room today. I have never painted a room in my life! I am over forty...so I decided why not!!!! Time to do something new!!! I went with a wonderful warm tan that reminds me of lightly toasted wheat bread. I like it with alot of the things blue I have in the whole downstairs. It was actually a challenging color to paint as it is darker and well.....you need to be careful as far as coverage goes. Luckily I squeaked by on only one gallon. It cost me around $60 for all the paint and supplies I needed. I bought nice Sherwin Williams paint that is easy to wash. It should make cleaning up easier. I had my daughters help. They only got cranky and tired for a short time, they mostly had fun and felt grown up painting a nicer room. I can't wait to push all the furniture back and re-do a bit. I am so glad I did it. It rained all day and it was miserable out....so it was a great day to paint and stay indoors. I made a big pot of soup and a big pot of chilli to end the painting adventure.

I did go to the bank and put a chunk into savings! I am proud of myself that I am saving. I do have to tithe on Sunday-so I will write out those checks this evening. I am working on it slowly but I am working on it.

I picked my weekend to leave my kids with dad. I am feeling less guilty doing it. I need some time away and my ex has to learn that children are hard work at times. He has things way too easy and I am getting way too frazzled and over stressed. He thinks it is hard work deciding either to eat at Fridays or Applebees with the children....that is co-parenting in his mind. I am going to visit my parents. I wanted to stay at a hotel but could not justify the cost. Plus I was worried I would get too lonely. So I will see my folks. I am going to take a trip to IKEA. I love that store and find such good deals most of the time. So I am planing on eating out, shopping a bit and maybe lounging in bed a tiny bit. I know it will help me feel refreshed and renewed a bit.

I am going to make a purse for a friend. I went to walmart and purchased the items I needed. It is going to be a gift. I am so enjoying sewing. It helps me stay creative and gives me a small outlet.

This week I am going to try and use more things out of my pantry. I have it but tend to forget it. I also placed a notepad with a magnetic back near the back door and my calendar area to write things I need at the store. It helps to be better organized. As I go out to the van I have my list ready to go at all times. Every bit of planning and organizing helps.

Have a nice Labor Day weekend. Enjoy some extra time to do something fun or relaxing.