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June 5th, 2006 at 06:47 pm

My only debt is my house. I am wondering if those out there think it is a good idea to really attack this debt aggressivly and pay off the house.I go back and forth. I did put extra money on the principal last month...... the first time I have done that. Part of me wants to get it paid down as fast as I can. My mortgage is ridiculous as far as monthly payments. When I say ridiculous I mean vey very reasonable. My ex is in the motgage industry so we had the best deal possible. He was very shrewd and knew how to get the best rate going. I just think I would like to try to sleep at night knowing that the house is paid for.
I have read many web sites and blogs and I see that half the folks say pay it off and the other half say.....stupid idea.I know as a single mom I watch for tax issues too----again...not sure what to do.

I was curious to know what your feelings were on this. I don't want to bore you with details....maybe I am intersted to see what people think about house payments in general. I also do not mean pay it all off on Saturday......I am thinking ----adding a little extra money here and there when I can.

My youngest one graduated from Kindergarten tonight. It was a nice ceremony. There are only about 14 kids--we have a small school.The teacher is retiring....so of course she as crying a flood and so were the parents. The kids thought we were all strange I guess!
Eveyone enjoyed the ceremony and all the special words of love and encouragement. My daugher looked cute in her cornflower blue dress. Her sis (Happy 14th Birthday) did her hair....curled with a rhinestone barrette. What a wonderful night of memories.