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Spending Less

May 20th, 2007 at 10:39 am

Hello frugal friends! Since I am back to working part time I sense that my budget may be better off. Yes I am earning, but I feel somehow that in turn I am spending less. I am not sure why. I am not in the grocery store as much or running little errands. I seem to be saving on gas as well. Working one mile away sure helps. I take my lunch everyday and never buy out of the vending machine. Usually my lunch is pretty humble and not too exciting. I spend nothing on my work clothes. So far I am preplexed but I do think I am saving somehow somewhere. I am still enjoying my job. I have met more folks in management and that has been nice to enlarge my circle of faces around the complex.

I have learned a few lessons as well.
Keep things simple in your house. Some of these seniors have way too many knick knacks and furniture. Some have so much stuff I worry how they might fall. Throw away junk mail and newspapers. Lots of the residences will not throw away old papers and mail--cluttered tables and counters are messy. Smells matter. If you have a pet....take care of it properly and maintain things. Put unopen cat food cans away---it is simply gross. Fresh air is cheap and does a world of good for everything. Open a window now and then. Fresh air never hurt anyone or anyone's home.
Life is what you make of it. You can walk around all grumpy and mad at the world or your circumstances or you can look at things with contentment and joy---the choice is YOURS! Happy people are fun to be around grumpy people are a BIG turn off. Everyone can use a smile or nice words...they are free and easy to share.

I have alot of graduations coming up which means lots of cash flying out the door. I will have to decide the amount and make that cash amount the gift I give across the board. My dd has her birthday in the begining of June so I will hosting a sleepover party for her and her buddies and of course buying her some gifts. She will be 15! So far I have no idea what to get her. I know she has some ideas, I know she wants a purse she has had her eye on. June is tax time for me. I have to pay my taxes soon. It is a pain but I have to do it. The IRS is not something to mess with. So that will be a chunk.

I have my trampoline coming on Tuesday. I cashed out my CD so I have cash to pay the balance, instead of throwing it on a credit card. The kids seem really excited to get it. I hope they have fun with it. It will be takng up valuable yard space in my smaller backyard.

I have been keeping dinners super simple.
It seems to be fine with everyone. I feel less stressed and we eat very well.
My weight seems to have slowed down a bit. I still feel great and have tons of energy. I am glad my job is physical. I just have to watch and eat healthy. I was told this is normal as my body adjusts. My hair is not falling out as much either. I am so glad. It was pretty scary for a time. Things seem to be getting normal as far as hair loss goes. I am still careful whan I wash it and comb it.
My skin is very clear and I have no other major issues as far as health is concerned. I hope to hear about my insurance soon. I re-applied and asked for a cheaper rate. I hope it does not come back higher. I feel I should get a better rate with all the weight I have shed.

I need to look for a dress and shoes for graduation. I absolutly hate to shop.
I hate to try on clothes....even with an 85 pound weight loss.....I still do not have much luck with clothes really looking great on me. I am not sure why. I need someone from the style channel to help me I guess. I will have to grin and bear it----otherwise I will have to show up to the ceremony in shorts and a tee shirt and flip flops!

Have a good Sunday!

4 Responses to “Spending Less”

  1. littlegopher Says:

    It sounds like everything is going great for you. Good luck in finding an outfit!

  2. frontporchmom Says:

    I need lots of luck! I will try a department store as they seem to have the best selection. Hopefully I find something right away and I do not have to spend hours or days looking! By the way my ex used to call me little gopher when we were dating in college. We loved the movie Caddyshack.....that is how I got the name--- for the cute gopher in the movie. That is funny!

  3. kim Says:

    Wow 85 pounds! That is GREAT!

  4. Donna Says:

    I have been reading some of your writings. What a great outlook you have on life and your situation in general. You are very real and sharing your heart on somethings is great to hear. I am a stepmom of 3 girls. I wish his former spouse could read some of you writings. We live more like you do and she is eating sushi and the kids wear expensive name brands...(only). How sad. I can see how God is carrying us all the time with our finances. The math does not add up in this world but, we are able to tithe and pay our bills. We are even able to take short trips and make good memeories with the kids.

    May God bless and keep you always. You are an inspiration.


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