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Great Weekend

April 23rd, 2007 at 08:18 am

Well we had our last dance weekend and it was fun. Nice time! It ended up being frugal beyond my expectations! Saturday-we ate lunch at the place where we performed.....$16 for two. Which is not bad at all for catered on site food service. We had huge salads, waters, a huge fresh fruit cup and a huge cream cheese brownie. My daughter ate her fill. Free program to track dances. Usually these cost around $10 at most events we go to.
Saturday night we ate out for dinner and the wonderful diner we ate it had HUGE protions. So lunch was "free" so to speak as we took home about four boxes of leftovers to recycle for lunches and snacks. I also parked for free as the parking lot had no attendant. I also got free coffee at the hotel because the hotel manager was kinda being nice to us! So I really squeaked by on not much cash outlay.

I grocery shopped on Sunday morning and got that done. So my menu is planned for the week including breakfasts.

My financial planner sent me a confirmation he received my check to invest into my account. So that is handled and taken care of......the money is gone and I can not touch it easily. I feel so good about that. Major accomplishment.

Today I have a physical. My "big" news is I landed a part time job at a beautiful high end local assisted living place near me. I already measured and it is exactly 1.3 miles from my driveway to work! I could walk or ride my bike if I wanted to!!I have had the drug test and now I have to have a physical. It will take a few days to complete the paperwork. I am working in the laundry area...and doing light housekeeping for residents. It is not stressful and the part time hours work with my life. I am nervous and excited to earn a paycheck on my own. For me it is a huge deal and undertaking emotionally. I have not worked for pay since 1989. So a new challenge for me. If it works out great! if not I guess I can give my two weeks notice. I have to now tell my kids. My oldest daughter knows and she was not too happy. No one likes change so I understand her feelings. I work three days 9-2pm and every other Saturday morning. So far I think it should work and again if not....I can always reconsider. My therapist thinks the timing is right and that it may help me to get involved in something beyond my home and four walls. I also have just enjoyed getting to meet new people. It is all good therapy for me. Plus this job is a job involving moving and walking......that is great for weight loss.

The weather is so nice.....a strong breeze is occuring right now. It was very peaceful outside and now some neighbor is using a blower and the whole area is filled with noise! It really irritates me all the yard equipment noise it seems constant! One pet peeve I have around here. I have my clothesline up and running with two loads of laundry whipping in the breeze. They will be done drying in no time. If you don't use a line...get into the habit. It is so wonderfully simple. Last night we went for a walk. I found a wonderful old farm tin bucket with a dent and a tiny bit of old rust in the neighbor's garbage. I brought it home and put an assortment of left over silk flowers in it. It now graces my porch and looks like it is from Country Living Magazine. One man's trash becomes a cute front porch treasure. My porch swing is back to swinging along with the front yard hammock which rarely hangs quietly when school is over for the day. Spring is full of changes!! It is very nice and so welcoming. Change is refreshing. I am looking forward to the many changes and new directions life is taking me.

Have a good day everyone.

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