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Yes..more spending

March 15th, 2007 at 06:27 pm

In order to finish the science fair board for Friday we needed more glue sticks! So off to Walgreens we ran tonight! We purchased two packages. I did use cash all day today. That made me feel better in a small way. Gosh-I feel very nickeled and dimed a bit here. It is good to be aware of small purchases and how they really add up over time.

I need a small table for my family room as the one I had in there I placed a few days ago in my laundry room. It is a wood TV tray table I needed for my radio. So the hunt is on to find something to use in my family room by the arm chair. The trick is I have to find it in my house somewhere! A fun challenge for Friday! I like silly challenges like this.

I have alot of reading and homework to do as well, I hope to get some done over the weekend.
1. Read newspaper from the country
2. Work on Friday Bible study lesson
3. Work on correspondence Bible study and mail back for grading to get a new lesson.
4. Read some of my book that is just for fun
5. Watch son's LUTHER DVD--I know this is not reading. It is on my to do list here. I tried to watch it and fell asleep after 10 mins. a few months ago.

Not a ton, but enough to really keep me busy. Better to read than watch TV as I sometimes find myself doing mindlessly-too much of the time!

Will continue to try and keep spending down as best I can. I got a small but worthy education this week!

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