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So glad it is March!

February 28th, 2007 at 06:49 pm

Yes....glad Feb is over. It was long and way too cold and snowy. I noticed spring is not to far off on the kitchen calendar. I am so glad. I am ready for a change.

I paid my VISA yesterday and was at the bank today depositing my spousal support. I was down to around $200.00.
That is a little too close for my comfort level as far as the checking account goes. My ex paid for a few things he normally does not. I am sure it was because he was not thinking correctly when doing his checks. Who knows.

I am leaving town for a dance competition this weekend. That can spell trouble for me as far as costs go. I am packing alot of my food this time around. I like to have healthy snacks and drinks, so this is so much better than fast food and eating junk. Planning ahead always works best. I hope we are busy but it looks like we have alot of down time. I am bringing a book and some word puzzle books. My dd will do home work and read as well. I will pack some cards as well.

Things seem hectic around my house...just keeping up with my kids. My son starts driving on Friday, my ex will pick up his DL from the judge. I am ready to have him drive. I just pray he learned his lesson and will not get any speeding tickets.

I did finish cleaning the basement. I am enjoying the clutter free zones and using my treadmill. I am trying to work out for 30 mins each day....at least 30 mins for maybe five days. I think it is best to do something as often as possible. I saw my dr and I have lost 62 pounds! My BP is still a concern. I am on the edge as far as needing meds so the dr put me on them again. We will re-check in three months. That seems fair.
There is a chance I will get a better rate on my health insurance as well, my rep is checking into that. I told them any savings would be a blessing.
So I am doing-----I think---pretty good in the weight loss department. I am still highly motivated and feel so much better.
It is a good thing as Martha would say!

My son is narrowing his college choices down and should have his choice in two weeks. I am excited for him. I know he is excited to be college bound. He needs a job asap....that is his next step.

A gentleman from my church just came home from the hospital today. He had a heart transplant! If you think of it please keep BOB in your prayers. He is a wonderful Sunday School teacher and an all around good guy. I can not imagine how blessed he feels, yet we all ache for the person who passed on and their family. What a hard time for them. Bob's wife is named SUE. She has been under alot of stress taking care of her hubby BOB and being his encourager. Just an outstanding older couple who are wonderful examples of marriage partners. Thanks a bunch---

My sister and her family leave for Costa Rico early Friday for a week of relaxtion. She just completed her Doctorate in Engineering. She did it in record time and did an outstanding job. This trip was well earned after so much hard work on her part. If you ever need a new place to try for a vacation...try Costa Rico. It sounds wonderful and they sure enjoy it there. Have a great trip sis!

I wish I had more to report but I do not, so --- have a good evening everyone!

1 Responses to “So glad it is March!”

  1. JanH Says:

    Sounds like you are doing wonderful with the weight loss! Give yourself some well deserved credit! I, too, am very glad Feb. is over and spring is coming!

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