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I made thru Saturday!

February 17th, 2007 at 06:43 pm

Oh my it is still snowing around here. It was supposed to be a dusting, but it turned out to be so much more. I had to drive pretty much the entire day! Getting children here or over to there! CRAZY! The snow made my van skirt all over the place. So more shovelling on Sunday, either before the big race or after! I ended up relying on my ten yr old dd to complete the rather elaborate dinner. She did fine. My son's plane was delayed from Chicago.....so I was helpless as far as getting dinner done. Luckily she has some basic skills and got the job done. It was very yummy.

We did stop by Dollar General for a birthday gift my dd needs for a children's party, NEXT Saturday. We got a cute "girlee" assortment for about $7. Our store is going out of business. It IS in a terrible location. I hope to head back on Tuesday and poke around for a few deals. Everything is now 20% off- all sales final. So I will see. They had loads of Christmas wrapping paper...not sure why. Not my favorite store but with some browse time I may find some good deals....we will see.

Have you rented a DVD lately? I just never do that...same for my kids. They never bug me for renting movies. Some families are into that for entertainment. I guess we are boring or are easily entertained! We do have cable TV. My son likes sports or the History channel and the girls like Disney, Style, travel or HGTV in general. Sometimes we play a game or the girls just play. I bought my daughter a paint by number kit. She loves it. She works on it a little at a time. It was worth the 5 dollars. It is very entertaining. We hardly rent, in fact the rental store called recently and offered us a rental for free.....we never went to pick out a DVD! I almost never pass up free. Just not too interested I guess.

How are you doing with leftovers? With the weekend here be sure you are eating them for lunch or re-using for dinner somehow. I bought some crab salad for a treat for me. It tasted very average. I hate to throw stuff out ...but it was terrible tasting. Live and learn! I try to limit waste as much as possible. No one can be 100% in this area, but we can all strive for doing better. I am trying to really stay on top of leftovers. Keeping dinners simple helps....simple food can be re-purposed easier. Again ---it is a challenge that we can all do better at.

My son has my DISCOVER CC and I have a VISA. I decided to switch cards with him as DISCOVER offers the cashback. My son only uses the card for gas purchases. So if we switch-- it will mean a larger cashback. I do use Credit cards here and there. I pay them off every month....and have for over 24 years. I own three....the other one is the Wal mart credit card. I am too afraid of balances to ever have one. My parents were pretty good teachers as far as money is concerned. The only debt I have is the house. I am very careful with credit cards.

Have a good evening and a good Sunday.

10 Responses to “I made thru Saturday!”

  1. Lux Living Frugalis Says:

    We never rent anymore either. It's been what? like maybe three or four years now since we've rented a movie. Ehhhh boring. If I want to see something bad enough we go to the matinee which is $2.25 and we go maybe once a month. I'm just not that into movies any more as most seem to be in bad taste and I'd rather use the money elsewhere. The Blockbuster near my house is always packed tho...

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I am not into "movies" either. How are you doing with your weight loss?

  3. frontporchmom Says:

    I did weigh myself and I am pretty sure I have lost 60 pounds! I am going with my start weight when I started this whole process months ago, the first time I walked into the Dr office. I am pretty proud of myself. I just have to keep myself motivated to keep going. So far it has been easy to stay motivated. At times it is easy but at times hard. I do the grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking...etc. So I feel I am always around FOOD! That seems to be the hardest part, but we are all around food aren't we?? Hard to escape.

    I am looking ahead to spring and summer. My goal is to go swimming alot this summer. Our pool is right down the street. I just want to walk into the pool area and not feel bad about myself the whole time I am there. The pool seems to be filled with skinny people.....so I have never felt good about the pool. That has been my life for so long....feeling bad about myself. Weight loss and the divorce are helping me gain some self esteem back. when I think back to my ex...he never said too many nice things about me...he always critized me. I do not miss that and the tremendous presure I lived under. It is a process to get my head and mind to line up with my new body.....it takes some getting used to! Prayer and my spiritual life has never been better...it helps to have a God that heals us in every way.

  4. boomeyers Says:

    My DH just rents them from the library. If he is dying to see a new release, he gets it from the $1 rental place. I rarely watch any movies, but that is his favorite form of entertainment.
    I know what you mean about those vans in the snow! Like giant ice skates!!

  5. Your sis Says:

    Most CC companies will switch you to a rewards/cash-back program if you call them. That's what I did with ours. It's not something they are always keen to advertise but I'll be most, if not all, offer it.

  6. nance Says:

    Good for you, loosing 60 pounds. You are going to get a lot of compliments next summer when you debut at the pool!

  7. Lux Living Frugalis Says:

    You're making wonderful progress!!

  8. living_in_oz Says:

    We rarely rent DVD's, but you must have read my mind or something!LOL After church we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some ground beef. DS asked me if he could rent a DVD from the .69 rack(older releases, obvisously). I decided to be generous and let him rent one for himself and also let the girls rent one. They are 5 day rentals and the kiddos will probably watch them serveral times before returning. The $1.38+tax came out of my entertainment fundSmile

  9. frontporchmom Says:

    WOW! 69 cents! That would be cool ! We just don't have that around here.
    I might get a DVD at the library-our library is so nice that they have tons of very new DVD's and of course loads of old ones. I also have a nice collection at home that I own from days when i was not as frugal. I am the type that if I love a movie I can watch it over and over....yes I am boring.

  10. Ima saver Says:

    Wow, 60 pounds, that is great. My girlfriend has lost 74 and she had her surgery 2 months before you did!!

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