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New shopping Technique

February 16th, 2007 at 01:51 pm

Today I tried a new way of shopping. Not sure why! After I wrote out my list I went to Wal Mart first. Our store is not a super center. It does have about 8 aisles of basic food products. So I went thru the aisles and purchased all the items I could there. Then I went to the grocery store and bought the rest like fresh vegies, fruits (limited amount) and meats. I think it worked out pretty well. I eye balled alot of prices and feel like I saved a hefty amount. It seemed not too bad as far as time goes. They are fairly close by. It was a small experiment in saving. I did not use any coupons this time...I did take them. I bought generics and WalMart brands, so no need for coupons. I also went thru Wal Mart very quickly as to not linger and spend!

By the way I did unload all those flowers this afternoon at school. The delivery went well. I had to take the back seat of the van out in order to fit 12 buckets of flowers in! So things around my house look a tiny bit better.

This weekend is tons of running around, laundry, cleaning, tidying and cooking. I hope to stay home as much as possible. My son is in Chicago looking at a college. He flies back on Saturday, so I have to run to the airport for him. This is his first time travelling alone. Hopefully he is having a good time and using his manners.

School basketball game is is off tonight as my daughter is sick with a cold...so she is not cheering tonight. I am glad, I want a evening to chill a bit.
Enjoy your evening! It is brutally cold here.....it is just awful.

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