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Coupon Organizing

February 14th, 2007 at 04:14 pm

Do you use coupons? I am pretty faithful to use them, as our store gives double coupons each and every day. How to organize those slips of color paper has always been a small challenge for me. I ended up using a cheap and very easy method. I use about 5 photo album pages torn out of an old photo album. They have slips and divided slots on clear pages. I use a clothespin to keep them all together. I also have a clothespin on my purse to clip together coupons I will be using when I check out. I like that I can visually see the coupons. I flip thru them as I shop as well. I use maybe an average of 4-8 coupons per trip. I usually buy generic or store brand but sometimes a name brand wins out. I try to use the coupon but it has to really be worth a savings of course to use the coupon or even purchase the item.

How do you organize? I think most shoppers do not even try to use those coupons. Some really use them alot....at times I watch these shoppers and I am amazed how talented they are at saving. Our store will not take any computer coupons.....I never even knew that. The sales clerk told me there are way too many fraud sites and bad coupons that are not "legal".

Coupons are a good thing if you can get organized in some small fashion and take them with you to the store. It takes a little effort but it can be a profitable habit.

I also do not belong to a warehouse club. When I was married I used to belong to one. I used to entertain my ex's family all the time, it involved large amounts of food and beverages. It was a good way to buy in bulk. Now that I entertain rarely I stopped going years ago. I did always spend extra and felt like I went overboard. Each time I left I felt very guilty. For me I do not miss that type of shopping experience. I have friends with 5 and 6 kids. This warehouse club works great for them.
I will say these clubs are clever and savy. They do have a method to get you to spend. You have to have a plan of attack and some sense of discipline, or you can walk out broke!

Still lots of snow....our street is still blocked. I am unable to get out of my driveway since the street snow is deep with snow and drifts. It was very pretty outside today with blue skies and sunshine. I am now out of bread!!! Time to get out the frozen bread dough and bake.

Have a good night everyone.

6 Responses to “Coupon Organizing”

  1. threebeansalad Says:

    I use a little envelope sized coupon organizer from the Dollar Store. Most of the time it works for me. I don't belong to a Warehouse Club, either. We used to-- I enjoyed it but I don't think it saved us money. When I visit my parents I sometimes go to the Warehouse store with their membership. There are just a few things that are cheaper than what I would pay at our normal store with a coupon (our store doubles, too).

  2. frontporchmom Says:

    I used that system as well.....maybe I was bored-not sure, so I tried a new way to organize. Everyone has a system. At least we have a system my friend! I also try not to shop with kids.....not a good way to save money. Have a good evening. It is brutally cold here and I am still not plowed out on my street. I am pretty sure we do have school.....we have been off for two days. The joy of winter....oh my! What a hearty soul I have become.

  3. daylily Says:

    I organize my coupons into groupings based on what kind of product it is. I have also heard of someone organizing alphabetically by brand.

  4. mbkonef Says:

    I use coupons all the time and organize by brands alphabetically. I have a little file box I bought at staples for about $2.00 that holds them all. I add the new ones each week and once a month or so purge the expired. I also cut almost any coupon for a product that I would use, even if I don't necessarily already buy it. You never know when you will find a really good sale and make the coupon worth using. For example, there is a brand of "healthier" snacks called Eat Smart. They are usually around $3.00 a bag - too expensive in this house where the bag can be finished by my hungry hoard in one sitting. However, I recently found out that my local grocery outlet store (Amelia's) often carries that brand close to the "best if used by" date for $1.00. With my $1.00 coupon - FREE. Now that I will buy.

  5. daylily Says:

    mbkonef... I've just started clipping ALL coupons for the exact reason that you mentioned. I have found some things that were free or nearly free that I wouldn't have purchased otherwise without the coupon... but if it's free... you can't argue with that.

  6. frontporchmom Says:

    that is a good idea to clip ALL coupons. I never thought that maybe you might get a deal so it is worth it. I will not clip dog food or diaper coupns.....just absolutly no need for those. It is fun to hear what you all do. It is a good inspiration.

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