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Winter Greetings!

February 11th, 2007 at 06:24 pm

Hello to all my frugal friends. It seems like I have been gone for awhile. Not sure why! Busy with children and home I guess.

Have been getting thru all the cold weather. So blessed not to live in upstate New York. Those folks seems to have such a good attitude. I would be going nuts with so much snow. I guess they are hearty souls who have learned how to deal with so much snow.

I have been following my menus carefully and very faithfully. I am challenged this week with a very strange week as we have so much going on. We are busy BUT not always THIS BUSY!!!!! I have to be creative in all my meals this week...easy and quick are the words of the week. My kids were with dad for most of the weekend....so I had a break from meals and cooking. I ate cheaply since it was just me.

I have been using my drying racks. It sure helps. I also use my shower curtain rod that is propped up on two high shelves in my laundry room. I use plastic hangers and hang all sorts of things to dry. It is easy and it holds alot. I have tried to keep the heat down. I can handle the cold but the kids are more sensitive to that.

I went to jazzercise this week for the first time. I did sign up for the monthly pass. It was a great deal....$37 and I get to go for as many times as I want. I am not that great at the dance moves but I got a very good workout on Saturday when I got to go for free. I think it will help me drop the weight even more if I move more. I am excited to go and get motivated. I decided it is worth the money and worth my health to work out.

I am doing very well as far as money goes and bills. I put a large chunk away in savings and I really pushed the envelope so to speak. If I can make it to March 1st I will be doing wonderfully. I have been paying each bill as it arrives and have done Ok so far. I do not say that pridefully---just that I have really stopped needless spending and have really watched myself and what we do as far as buying things. I have cut back on dumb stuff and have been very choosey on where I spend.

I am thinking of getting a trac phone when my verizon contract is up. I talk on my cellphone for about 30 mins a month. I have like a zillion mins to use. I feel like I am wasting money- I am on the cheapest plan they have. I will have to see.....I wish I did not even own one....but I need it since I have four kids. My cable is now ridiclous as well. There are days I wish I lived far away from all things modern.
So many things that are truly needless in my mind and for my lifestyle.
That is why saving is so important to me.
Saving for retirement is no laughing matter. I enjoy saving money in large and very tiny ways....it all adds up. The challenge is so rewarding to me. Yet giving is as important. There are ways to give in large and small ways. This week I treated a friend to lunch out. I am still trying to do kind deeds for others. It is rewarding to be a blessing. Some weeks I can do it in small ways...other weeks I can be more "lavish".

Have a good Monday everyone and stay warm.

"Do not fear change. Change is simply the opportunity for new happiness to enter into your life."

6 Responses to “Winter Greetings!”

  1. JanH Says:

    Hope you enjoy the jazzercise! My SIL was a jazzercise instructor. She kept asking me to try it when I would visit home, but I am so uncoordinated I was afraid of disrupting the class because they were laughing so hard! I should have tried it anyway--it seems like great exercise!

  2. frontporchmom Says:

    My daughter is a great dancer and she giggled at the thought of me "dancing"! If I end up sweaty....I did OK! that is good enough for me.
    What a great way to make money---- as an instructor. Good workout and making some money all at the same time.

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Good to hear from you! Glad things are going well and I hope you can sail into March!
    My DH and DD1 have "pay as you go phones". You can buy a phone for as little as $35.00 and then you buy "minutes" on your card. A $15 card expires in 60 days, $25 or $50 expires in 90 days, $100 expires in a year. They pay a $1 day usage if they use it and nothing if they don't . Then its .10 a minute or free Cingular to Cingular. It has worked out very well for them!

  4. frontporchmom Says:

    I love it! Great advice for me!!!
    I hardly use the cell phone....I just do not gab alot nor do I have enough friends that I must talk to constantly. My ex talks on his constantly. I know my children feel very slighted when he talks non stop on it in front of them. They tell me how it drives them nuts.

    I just need it for dire emergencies or for my son to get a hold of me for dire situations.....I mean he is a 17 yr old young man---not the chatty type of course! When I do not need it I turn it off....some folks have told me they can never reach me......well I am home with the cell turned off. I am too simple I guess.

  5. Sunshine Suz Says:

    You sound like me. I have a cell phone. It's in my purse...Turned OFF. And nobody knows my number. It is for emergencys only.

    If someone wants to talk to me, they can call me at home or at work.

  6. frontporchmom Says:

    I will even admit that I can't do much with the phone either....my ten yr old knows more about my phone than I ! I was born in the wrong era......
    My heart belongs with Laura Ingalls on the prarie. One room school houses, log cabins and covered wagons.....although I like modern plumbing alot and my washing machine. So I guess I would not fit in too well.
    Have a good day Sunshine Suz!
    By the way what ever happened to good old fashined letter writing? What a joy to get a nice letter from someone.....

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