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Cold Weekend

February 4th, 2007 at 04:33 pm

Hello, hope everyone in winterland is fairing well with the bitter cold. I did manage to run out a few times. Craft store, office supply store, drugstore, church, dance studio, Subway for my son, budget hair salon for my youngest. It is very bad out there. I have placed blankets around doors and in between doors.....also some cardboard as well. Any little way to keep cold out. I hated running around but each trip was at least close by. Still I disliked being out and about......alot of people seemed to be out and not too bothered by the cold.

School is already closed for Monday. I was making dinner when my ex called to tell the kids he heard that news on the radio. I think everyone was glad to have more time to work on school projects. We do not have any school bus service so all parents drive their children to school. Some families drive a fair distance. It is 30 mins. for us one way. It is just too cold and too dangerous to be out on Monday.

How are your weekly menus going? It helps me since I have little time to think creatively it seems each day. With a menu, it is all laid out for me...no brain power needed.

I have been reading and working on my journalling. I really enjoy it. Cheap entertainment for me. I have plugged in my coffee maker again. Coffee tasted awful to me with my surgery....now I like it again. It has been a nice treat to have some coffee. I have been sticking to cereals for breakfast, salads for lunch and Lean Cuisines for dinner. Easy and simple for me. So far so good....I am going to weigh myself soon. Part of me is always nervous to weigh myself....it is still hard to see myself getting thinner. I feel so much better and I have much more energy.

Have a good evening. Enjoy the superbowl if you are into football.

2 Responses to “Cold Weekend”

  1. Frayed Buckeye Card Says:

    Coffee was actually nasty following surgery, and it took many months for me to enjoy the flavor. Do you suppose it was the anesthetic?

  2. frontporchmom Says:

    I am not sure. I used to love diet pop as well....can not stomach it now.
    I was told not to buy too much of anyone food because of the taste change after surgery. I was not sure if it meant for all surgery or just gastric bypass....
    When i was sick with a bad cold two months ago, I had some gatorade and nearly died it tasted so bad to me. I can not even look at gatorade.....as it makes me just about gag. I have to hurry by it in the store it is so awful---such bad memories of how that tasted!!!
    Strange but true.

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